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Study Abroad Programs
​CFGE’s offers study abroad programs that combine Christian faith perspectives with academic coursework, field studies, social & cultural exchange activities, and community service projects. All programs are multidisciplinary in their orientation and focus on the cultures and societies of the host countries, and critical global issues of interest to Christians in that particular area of the world. 

The programs are designed primarily for Christian undergraduate students; however, some graduate students may also be able to participate, and we welcome students of other faiths as long as they understand that the programs will include Christian perspectives. Students may enroll as individual participants or come as part of a group of students from an affiliated college, university, church or ministry. 

Each year the Center will develop and offer a number of new study abroad programs as resources and opportunities permit. The following list represents those programs that we plan to offer in the coming years:  

  • Ethiopia - Christian Social Entrepreneurship and Transformational Development in Ethiopia

  • Costa Rica - Creation Care & Sustainable Development in the Tropics

  • Switzerland Internationalism, Ecumenism & the Churches in World Affairs

  • Romania/Moldova Children-at-Risk and Child Welfare Reform in Eastern Europe

“Peace is the result of a certain quality of human relations. And if you want peace and security, pursue justice and integrity. . . . And justice does not mean to settle accounts. Justice means to learn how to forgive, to make concessions, to reconcile.” 
                             Elias Chacour
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